Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post #1: Sports Cards That Hate You

Over the years we have seen many variations of ugly sports cards and complete set failures. Below are a few cards that are just disgraces to the players and the companies that made them.


The first failure in sports cards is cut signatures. Every set no one seems to get them right, the autos are either hidden in the die cut, tiny and have a huge die cut window or crooked. Here is one example of this:
The cut is a nice auto, centered and every thing, but why why why is the window so big if its just a plain white peice of paper. This will lead to an ugly card plus the ability to write stuff under it that will make it worth more. This big window makes sense for picture that they cut out and put in cuts like many mantles are, but for just plain pieces of paper use smaller windows. Like below

This cut did pretty much everything right:
  • nice picture
  • colorfull exciting card
  • centered cut with interesting die cut
  • window that fits the cut
  • no stupid hand numbering on the front of the card

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