Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post #2: Sports Cards That Hate You

Part two of Post #1

The second set that is infamous for being ugly and creating wierd cards in Topps Triple Threads.

I think they might have made one good card, that I pulled an own.

Okay the die cuts are small but the card is still nice and the sticker is not the shiny silver kind. Oh and its numbered 1/2

Next on the kist of failures is this Jackie Robinson Card. First if Jackie was on the Pirates the yellow would make sense. He was a dodger so shouldn't this be "Dodger Dark Blue"? Second the ROY with the stars above and below is terrible. How are you supposed to touch that, with tweezers and a magnifying glass? Half the fun of jersey cards is touching them. And beliueve me you can't touch that. Probably why the seller has it as a 1 day auction on ebay.

Next on the list is the pinnacle of Triple Threads the Mucho Somberero, the case hit, THE EPIC 1/1 PETERSONOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PULL OF A MILLION YEARS. Here is what wrong:- its in black and white or sepia.... if i lived in 1920 this would be considered new align="left">- other then the autos AP GU is purple completely screwing up the whole white whale <>

  • - good to have a convict, AP, a RC failure all on one card with a im sure no BV due to laziness.
  • - These metal cards all have terrible die cuts, the machines that cut them out are to pathetic to cut out smooth window instead your left with sharp jagged edged windows where circlular windows should be. I had a Ortiz one Topps sent me as a replacement for a damaged card. The edges of the die cuts were as bad as this. Look at the bottom of the Macfaddeli>

    Yao Ming or as his name is actually supposed to be said, Ming Yao. As a fluent chinese speaker I know what windows number 2 and 3 say they say Ming (in chinese) and yao. How is anyone that lives in the US supposed to know that. And why are the windows black making it harder to see the patches that should be in logomans and laundry tags instead of wasting them here. Topps could have three beauftill 1/1 cards using thoose patches that people would buy at 5x the price.

    Finally how does topps think its highend can compare to Exquistie. Now you may say Triple Threads is a lot cheaper but look at this way. You get 1 Auto usually a rc scrub and 1 GU usually a mid ender that will get $15 on ebay. For $175. Exquisite has 6 Hits. 175 x 3 = 525 which is what 6 hits of triple threads cost or 1 box of exquite and a nice single on ebay.....

    How can they compete with UD?

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