Sunday, June 21, 2009

Post #4 ~ Fake Patches are on the rise..... + New ugly cards

This is one of the most sought after cards of 08, and one of the easiest to fake. Now I saw one of these except the Joe Flacco one with the huge prime patch and part of the raven bird be pulled live on The difference is, at the left edge there is a seperation between card and fabric something only a fake patch would have. Nevertheless WE STILL HAVE 20+ IDIOTS ON EBAY WHO WILL BID. Why because they are to nieve to think in this economy people need money and are doing whatever they can to get it. I mean lets face it. You buy this card probably a 2 color patch for $400. You "supe it up" and boom $600 subtract $50 in fees (including the $8.00 falcons logo). Is it worth it? $150 for free is but sleeping at night is also fun. Unless they do htis during the night.

The real reason I knew this patch was fake was when I saw this seller also had listed this card:

All they did again, is buy a crappy 1 color patch of Jeter for $20 then "supe it up" and Boom they got a $122.50 auction going with 12 hours....

This fake patch is kinda cool. Its obviously a fake, and the seller told us that, he just made a custom card for fun and is selling it. But it works and the guys is making $40. This is not wrong or unethical or fraudlent, he is just sellling a cool peice of craftsmanship....And being honest.

Say Hello to Ugly and the Ugly sister butt-ugly, two cards from topps that use stickers oversized swatches, poor design and color, and terrible results. I would rather pull a scrub auto out progression then the thing on the bottom right. I did not even know who it was untill I saw the back of the card. Dual autos are fine Dual Logos are fine (without the whole big silver border). Below is some sticker overlapping crap.

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